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Service Plan

Minimum Diagnostic Fee $79 (waived if service is performed)

L&B Maintenance Membership fee $149/yr

Member Benefit :

  • 2 Maintenance check up per 1 calendar year.
  • The maintenance check up includes 21pt check up with safety inspection.
  • Extend the life of your unit and save on energy bills with regular maintenance

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Spring Maintenance

1. Check blower motor amps
2. Check blower capacitor UF
3. Check compressor amps
4. Check condenser fan amps
5. Tighten wire connection
6. Check condition of coil fins
7. Check for freon pressure
8. Outdoor unit level check
9. Check evaporator coil condition
10. Inspection for signs of refrigerant leaks
11. Check filter condition
12. Check low voltage wire condition
13. Test reversing valve operation
14. Check superheat or sub cool
15. Check circuit board for burn marks
16. Test defrost timer operation
17. Check outdoor and indoor unit fuse
18. Check lineset insulation condition
19. Check difference between supply/return temperature
20. Verify proper circuit breaker size to name plate
21. Check blower wheel cleanliness

Fall Maintenance

1. Check blower motor amps
2. Check blower capacitor UF
3. Adjust gas pressure
4. Check limit switches and mounts
5. Check furnace area and burner
6. Check pressure switch
7. Test gas shut off operation
8. Check filter
9. Inspection all electrical
10. Measure temperature rise
11. Check circuit board for burn marks
12. Inspection blower cabinet insulation
13. Check condition of start assist device
14. Check natural gas leak
15. Check ignitor
16. Check inducer motor amps
17. Check hoses for cracks and wear
18. Check flue pipe condition
19. Inspection blower wheel cleanliness
20. Check heat exchanger
21. Check blower motor speed and adjust