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Malfunctioning or inefficient heating and cooling systems can have a negative impact on business operations and productivity. Repair professionals at LbUniversal Heating and Cooling in Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia provide expert technical knowledge to ensure your HVAC/R systems operate at peak efficiency.  Business owners in need of fast and reliable repair services know they can count on LbUniversal Heating and Cooling of Northern Virginia.

Experienced LbUniversal Heating and Cooling technicians inspect every piece of equipment and run the necessary tests to detect system failures and weaknesses. Our repair experts provide a FREE estimate and detailed plan to restore your system to normal operations.

LbUniversal Heating and Cooling technicians arrive on site equipped with the tools, replacement parts and know how to ensure all repairs are made quickly and effectively. Our trucks are stocked with the parts technicians need to make repairs on even the most advanced systems.  We work until the job is completed and your business environment is comfortable for employees and customers.

LbUniversal Heating and Cooling repair technicians are highly qualified professionals. Each is fully trained and certified to repair the equipment or systems they are sent to inspect.  Since HVAC/R work is our main focus, LbUniversal saves you time and money. No matter how urgent your need or how large the problem, LbUniversal repairmen and women are committed to delivering total client satisfaction.

The list of systems and equipment LbUniversal Heating and Cooling professionals repair for commercial clients includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Data Centers
  2. Furnace and heating
  3. Building ventilation
  4. Air Conditioning
  5. Low and Medium Temperature Refrigeration
  6. Duct cleaning and repairs
  7. Blowers
  8. Air Filters
  9. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

Regular maintenance and upkeep of the heating, cooling and air filtration systems at your business not only save you money, but are critical to maintaining day-to-day productivity. LbUniversal Heating and Cooling in Northern Virginia works with building managers and business owners to determine the most effective plan and highest level of quality for their business

Whether monthly, quarterly or bi-annually, a maintenance plan with LbUniversal Heating and Cooling will minimize the risk of expensive breakdowns and help defer the cost of capital investments. Clean and efficient heating and cooling systems can actually lower annual operating costs. Businesses located throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area rely on LbUniversal Heating and Cooling to keep their heating and air conditioning systems operating at peak efficiency during even the most extreme weather.

Reliable Heating and AC Maintenance Plans

LbUniversal maintenance specialists follow a strict tasking protocol to ensure every piece of equipment performs as it is intended, especially when you need it most. Businesses that rely on LbUniversal Heating and Cooling for regular systems maintenance also enjoy “front of the line” service for any emergency repairs. This means LbUniversal is there when you need us most.

Organizations doing business in a variety of industries are always looking for ways to improve the environment of their buildings, as well as save money. LbUniversal provides superior planned maintenance for systems at a number of businesses including, but not limited to:

  1. Retail stores
  2. Gas stations
  3. Airports
  4. Country Clubs
  5. Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  6. Office complexes and data centers
  7. Property Management firms
  8. Churches
  9. Commercial property managers
  10. Hotel and resort properties

With over 37 years of experience providing superior HVAC services for commercial clients  throughout Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and Maryland, LbUniversal Heating and Cooling offers a very special level of expertise.  Our menu of services includes repair, maintenance and installation of all HVAC/R equipment and systems that businesses need to maintain efficient operations.

Our professional and courteous technicians are dispatched to businesses located throughout the Washington, D.C. metro area as well as northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Commercial clients doing business in the retail, service and hospitality industries know they can depend on the HVAC/R expertise of LbUniversal Heating and Cooling.

  • When it comes to expert repair services, LbUniversal Heating and Cooling specialist inspect every facet of your system to accurately diagnose the problem. Clients are provided with a FREE estimate for the cost of repairs after the problem is identified.
  • LbUniversal technicians provide the knowledge and support necessary to choose the proper HVAC/R system and equipment for your business, and complete precision installation. We provide a FREE estimate before any work is started.
  • Regular maintenance visits extend the life of your equipment and help save money on heating and cooling costs. An experienced LbUniversal Heating and Cooling technician will clean and inspect your entire system. You will see the savings on your utility bills.

Commitment to Superior Service

LbUniversal Heating and Cooling technicians are fully trained and certified for repairing, replacing, and maintaining a wide variety of commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and appliances.

With HVAC/R work as our main focus, LbUniversal saves you time and money. Regardless of the nature of the call, our servicemen and women are committed to total client satisfaction. Additional services offered by LbUniversal Heating and Cooling include:

  1. Preventative Maintenance
  2. Equipment Repair and Replacement
  3. Design/Build Quality Installations
  4. Indoor Air Quality Services
  5. Air Balance
  6. Controls
  7. Ventilation
  8. Humidification
  9. Heat Pumps

We work on:

  1. Refrigeration (low & medium temperature)
  2. Rooftop Unit Replacement
  3. Design Build
  4. Data Centers
  5. Boilers
  6. Split Systems, Heat Pumps, & Furnaces
  7. Sheet Metal Fabrication & Installation
  8. Chillers & Cooling Towers
  9. Pumps
  10. Building Automation
  11. Humidification
  12. Ventilation
  13. Indoor Air Protection
  14. Duct Work
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